LONTAR: Speculative fiction from the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Laos, and Vietnam

The first issue of LONTAR has arrived to the world of speculative (science) fiction. Call it whatever you like, I've long believed the future of science fiction resides in Asia, where the dichotomous social/economic divide is bound to pump out strange, unique, and culturally-expansive literature, and LONTAR aims to crack into the market with a fresh take on the genre. I talked in previous posts about China being a focal point of up-and-coming science fiction literature (assuming the Chinese government approves of what the authors have to say), but it's exciting as hell to see another voice emerge from the region.

You can read 25% of the first issue for free, featuring the king of science fiction -- Paolo Bacigalupi -- and a host of other talented writers. I mowed through the first 25% online and am now desperate to add the hardcover to my collection. That's not hyperbole. I'm desperate. Do you see how fucking cool that cover is?  There's a spider who lives outside my door. I say hello to him when I leave and arrive. Every night, his web is strangely knocked down, but every morning, he sets about rebuilding the elegant weave. I used to worry he was going to break into my house at night and make a home in an open orifice, but now I know the only thing to worry about are his laser eyes.

Really looking forward to seeing more from this collection of authors, as well as more science fiction from a new cultural voice in Southeast Asia in LONTAR.