Hurry up, assholes! Buy the Humble eBook Bundle!

There are just two days and change left before the incredible Humble eBook Bundle runs out. For only $15, you can unlock 13 BOOKS, easily transportable to any eBook reading device you want.

Let me repeat that.

For $15, you can unlock 13 BOOKS. Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean, John Scalzi, Paolo Bacigalupi, and more contributed to the bundle, and they just added even more content (!), including work from Penny Arcade, xkcd, and WHY ARE YOU STILL SITTING HERE READING THIS DRIVEL BUY THE BUNDLE ALREADY. I have been gnawing on Bacigalupi's "Pump Six and Other Stories" and I am completely, utterly blown away by his storytelling. My teeth are somewhere in a Chinese boy's pocket right now, and I don't want them back. He can have them, as long as he promises to trade them for something special.

Just remember, you can pay as much as you want, and tease the sliders to pay more to the authors, to charity, to the Humble team, or to Zuul, if you so please (all hail). I can't wait to sink my gums into the rest of the bundle. And here's another link, in case you're color blind or something.